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UX Design16/09/2019

Why onboarding matters? First impressions count.

First impressions matter therefore, it is imperative that you show the user the value of your application by helping them reach that ‘aha’ moment. There is no 'best' approach however, there are best-case uses depending on the type of application.

Whatsapp Catalog E-Commerce Feature

Can I move my e-commerce business to Whatsapp Catalog?

A simple rundown of the new Whatsapp Catalog feature, how you can use it to increase sales and whether 2020 is going to be the year of social commerce.

Google BERT Update for e-commerce

How the Google BERT Update Will Affect Your E-Commerce Store

Are you concerned Google's latest algorithm update will affect your website ranking or traffic? Find out what the BERT update means, exactly how it will affect your website ranking and ways you can optimise your e-commerce store to continue growing your traffic.

Marketing Campaigns that Changed the World

5 Marketing Campaigns that Changed the World

Want some inspiration from the latest and greatest marketing campaigns that changed the world forever?

This blog post is going to give it to ya'. From big brands to small businesses, these ads will kick-start your creativity.


How Dropshipping Works - No Nonsense Guide for Beginners

A beginners guide to the world of dropshipping. Learn about the three methods and which is best for your business. I'll talk you through the pros and cons of each and give you my recommendation for which saves you the most time and money. Sound good? Let's get started then...

UX Design26/07/2019

Single vs Multi Page Checkout

A brief introduction to how you can improve the checkout process of your e-commerce site. I will discuss the pros and cons of single vs multi page checkout processes. Additionally, I will recommend ways that you can improve the overall experience to delight your customers.