7 Things You’ll Never Get Told About Dropshipping

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Isabel Edwards

Expensive cars. Penthouse suites. Wads of cash. That’s what dropshippers who have found success will show you.

But what about the hardships? The things to look out for? How will you be prepared for a realistic dropship journey if all you’re shown is the rewards that are reaped and not the struggle that goes along with it?

In this post I’m sharing 7 things that you probably haven’t been told about dropshipping, so you’re prepared to grow the most profitable business possible.

Starting with, knowing when to let a product fail...

Products will fail, and know when it’s time to give up on them.

‘Give up? Did I read that right?’ may be what you’re thinking. I have yet to come across a dropship article that utters the two tainted words. But believe me, you need to know when to give up when it comes to being successful in dropshipping.

Of course, not giving up all together, just knowing when it’s time to drop a product that just isn’t making the sales you need it to.

As serial dropshipper Kamil Sattar shared with us recently in this interview, it’s easy to get attached to a product and become reluctant to give up on it.

But, it’s not failing. In fact, it’s the opposite. There are plenty of variables and environmental factors out of your control as to why it’s not selling.

So when you’re about to inject more cash into a product that is underperforming, switching it for another might be your best bet.

You’ll need to work smarter, not harder.

Although working long hours can accelerate your growth in the beginning, it’s just not sustainable to put every second of your time into the business. 

When working on your business your priority is to drive sales, and anything outside of that shouldn’t be taking up hours or days of your time.

You don’t need to spend weeks designing your store, days designing a business card or a fortnight thinking of business name ideas. 

It is vital to discipline yourself to not dwell on tasks that aren’t driving sales to your store, especially in the beginning when it really is make or break.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme, and success won’t happen overnight. 

Scrolling past 18-year-olds on Instagram chilling in their LA mansions can give the impression that dropshipping will make you a global success overnight. But, there isn’t a business model in the world which is that easy.

Although you don’t hold any stock and you can launch a store with next to no investment, it’s still a real business model which takes persistence and dedication.

Yes, it can be extremely lucrative in the long term, but the hard work must come first, just like any other business. Even more so if it’s your first time launching a business.

Going into this with the right expectations will make your business far more likely to succeed.

It may not be exciting to begin with.

Running your own business is fun and exciting, but entrepreneurship may not be for you if you’re not prepared for perseverance. 

Be prepared to fail and go through times where it feels like all your hard work isn’t amounting to anything.

In those times, you have to be ready to keep pushing even harder and the reward will follow. 

“Don’t be discouraged, it’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.” 

Every profitable dropshipper puts their success down to one thing: perseverance. You’ve got to be in for the long haul.

You’re never going to be ready.

There’s always going to be hurdles and challenges you’re unprepared for. It’s important to know this so you can take comfort in the fact that you’ll never be truly ready. 

The most successful entrepreneurs in the world launched their businesses before they felt truly ‘ready’. Experience isn’t always essential, but confidence is.

As long as you have the confidence and passion in your business, you’re ready. Waiting for the perfect time is a form of procrastination, as there never will be. Believe in yourself and take your product to market, even if it means starting small and growing slowly.

The best knowledge comes from experience.

That’s right, there’s no course or blog post in the world that will teach you more about dropshipping than launching your own dropship business.

Of course, it’s useful to teach yourself the basics, and there are so many free resources available online that there’s really no excuse not to.

But, don’t spend too much time watching YouTube videos and fall into the trap of information overload.

Learn as you go. When you launch your business, if you run into some trouble with Facebook ads and realise you’re not as knowledgeable as you thought you were, that’s the time to learn more.

It’s impossible to learn everything you’ll need for running a business before launching, and the most useful things you’ll learn will come from doing it yourself.

Don’t underestimate the power of good writing skills.

It’s something not many dropshippers in their yellow Lamborghinis mention, but when it comes to product copy, blog writing, social media posts, email marketing and ppc ads, your writing skills are what will make them a success or not.

Also, it’s important to note that strong copywriting is very different from essay writing or educational pieces you may have produced.

Strong copy is concise, punchy and targeted for an audience. It’s not about using the most impressive words or longest sentence structures.

If you don’t have copywriting experience, there’s plenty of resources out there that will teach you the basics.

If writing really isn’t your strong point, that’s fine, there’s always the option to outsource.

Final Thoughts

These insights into dropshipping aren’t to dissuade you from starting your dream business. I’ve seen many people go into dropshipping with entirely the wrong impression of what they’re going into, and either been severely disappointed or given up as they didn’t go in with the right strategy.

Having a realistic view of dropshipping will give you the best chance possible to get your business to where you want it to be, and at Mercarto our mission is to arm aspiring entrepreneurs with everything they need to succeed.

If you have any questions about setting up your own free store, you can contact us here.

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