9 Things You Don’t Need to Start an Ecommerce Business

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Isabel Edwards

There’s a lot of talk about the long list of requirements that are needed to start an online business, but what about the things you don’t need?

Common misconceptions that you may think are needed to launch a successful ecommerce store, but it actually turns out you don’t need on your start up checklist?

After chatting with several successful entrepreneurs, there were a few recurring points that even surprised me. So here it is, 9 things that you don’t need to start an ecommerce business...

Financial Loan

X amount for sourcing products, a few hundred on my website, oh and the branding, this is going to be thousands… nope!

Launching an ecommerce business has never been so simple, especially when it comes to funding it.

You can literally launch your own online business entirely for free by creating your own Mercarto store. Sign up, import dropship products from the internal marketplace and start making profits without spending a penny.

Experienced dropshippers always recommend having some cash in the bank for paid ads and marketing, but you can still grow a thriving business on very little budget in the beginning.

Business Degree

No business education? Don’t let that stop you!

The most essential skills for being a successful entrepreneur is passion, determination and consistency, and they certainly don’t come from a business qualification.

The free online resources available to us today are incredible and there’s nothing you can’t teach yourself in regard to running an online business.

YouTube, eBooks, online courses and online mentors are all ways you can learn everything you need to know from the comfort of your own home.

Paid Office

Paying for an office when launching your ecommerce business is a complete waste of budget. 

If you can, start from home. If you need a change of scenery, work out of cafes and free work spaces in your area.

All you need to launch a store with Mercarto is a laptop and WiFi connection, so don’t splurge on a fancy work space just yet whilst you’re still getting your business off the ground.

Extensive Business Plan

Although The Apprentice may say otherwise, you really don’t need an extensive business plan for launching your own ecommerce store.

Following a short and concise business plan template is useful to make sure you’ve covered the essentials, and some aspects of your business that you hadn’t yet thought about might come up.

But there’s no need to write hundreds of pages covering aspects that only large corporations would need to worry about. The Balance has an easy to follow guide that walks you through the essential parts of a business plan.

A Custom Built Site

I know you want your website to look the best it can even in the beginning, but don’t waste money on a custom built site. 

When launching you need your website to be functional, provide a good user experience and convert. 

A fancy looking website does not equal functionality of conversion. Focus on the basics in the beginning and design a professional looking store, but don’t worry too much about fancy features that much larger businesses have on their websites.

As your business grows so will your website!

Business Experience

Never ran a business before? Every entrepreneur was in the same position as you when launching their first business.

Don’t let lack of experience ever stop you from launching your own ecommerce store. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn from diving in at the deep end and doing it all yourself.

When running a store with Mercarto, as there’s such little investment required it’s also very low risk. So don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes in the beginning, it will teach you more than you could ever learn from an online tutorial.

Hire Full Time Employees

When launching an online business you’ll need to juggle lots of different roles. You’ll be the designer, social media manager, marketer, CEO, finance analyst, online merchant and a lot more.

But, if it does get too much, don’t look to hiring full time employees as your first port of call. If you need a little extra help, outsource contractors or use websites like People Per Hour to help with specific tasks.

Quit Your Job

You’ll be glad to hear you don’t need to quit your job to launch an ecommerce business. When using a platform like Mercarto, orders are automated and sent directly from supplier to customer, so all you need to worry about is marketing and growing your business.

As long as you’ve got some spare time in your evenings and weekends, you can stay in your job whilst you grow your business in the beginning.

All The Answers

Just start. Don’t worry that you don’t have all the answers yet. If you’re hesitating to start your online business because you don’t feel ready or you need to do a bit more preparation, remind yourself that the perfect time to start doesn’t exist.

If you keep waiting for the ‘perfect time’, you’ll be waiting forever.

Start small, listen to customer feedback, grow as demand increases and learn from experience.

Ready to start your own ecommerce business?

Create your own free ecommerce store. If you have questions about how Mercarto works, head to our Contact Us page for our FAQs and contact details.

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