PPC Advertising Strategies To Apply During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Gabby Klesser

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 global pandemic is one of the most serious public health crises modern humanity has ever faced.

Worse, its massive impact on the global economy is being felt across all industries. Many businesses had no choice but to suspend their operations indefinitely. A lot more had to shut down for good.

Even Facebook and Google—the two giants of the digital advertising world—are projecting a loss of more than $44 billion in ad revenue as a direct effect of the economic shutdown due to COVID-19.

What Facebook and Google are reporting is a clear indication of falling ad spending amid the coronavirus pandemic.

However, things appear to be turning around.

According to Wordstream, PPC ad campaigns are rebounding.

The fact that Pay-Per-Click campaigns appear to be recovering from coronavirus shock speaks volumes about the way COVID-19 forced a shift in the way we do business from in-person to online.

Shutdowns and stay-at-home orders have sent online activity skyrocketing, making it imperative for businesses to show their ads to people searching for relevant products and services.

If you want to take advantage of the increased search and online activity, it would be best to keep up your PPC management efforts.

You may have to adjust your strategies, though, because no matter how much things seem to be improving, there is still an ongoing global pandemic. Things are no longer what they used to be, and we can only adapt accordingly.

Be Mindful of Your Messaging

It’s a time when a pandemic has already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives the world over, with millions more afflicted by COVID-19.

The least any of us can do when creating PPC ads and other types of content is to be sensitive and empathetic not only to our target audience but the world in general.

Always consider your audience’s circumstances these days when creating your PPC ads. If anything, your PPC ads should feature how much value your product or service can provide given their current situation.

When doing so, you need to be careful about the words you use. A pandemic is hardly the time to be witty, humorous, or casual. A little seriousness is in order and keeps things positive, inspirational, and helpful.

Reevaluate Your Budgets and Spending

We are in the middle of a global emergency, which makes it an excellent time to take a closer look at your budget and your spending and reevaluate them.

If you can manage your PPC campaigns on a small budget, then go ahead and do it. If possible, determine which PPC campaigns of yours are performing the best and shift your budgets there. It’s very likely that those superbly-performing campaigns are for products and services that are proving to be more relevant and essential in the time of COVID-19.

When reassessing your budget, you may want to compare it to your actual spending. That way, you just might be able to find unused items in the budget throughout the year that you can redirect to other campaigns that need more support.

Continue Nurturing Relationships With Your Audience

Let’s assume that your company is one of those hit hard by the pandemic. Business has slowed down, but you’re continuing operations, albeit at a limited capacity.

The knee-jerk reaction to such a situation is to suspend all PPC campaigns entirely. While that is to be expected, you might want to reconsider and try to make the most out of a difficult situation.

How about continuing your PPC campaigns so you can keep on building and nurturing relationships with your audience? A focus on spreading information about COVID-19 safety would be great. So sending out inspirational messages for everyone.

The point of the whole thing is to keep your audience engaged and generate awareness for your brand.

Even when they’re not exactly in buying mode, people will still see and appreciate your willingness to put yourself out there without asking for anything in return. It will become clear to your audience that you’re in business during these trying times not to make sales, but to serve them.

With the goodwill and trust that nurturing relationships with your audience can build, converting them into paying customers when times get better should be a bit more straightforward than usual.

Raise Ad Spend If Competition Drops Out

When your business is among those that are thriving during the pandemic, there is no reason to think twice about running PPC campaigns.

Presumably, your products and services continue to be searched by people online despite the pandemic, and Pay-Per-Click advertising remains the fastest way to get your business in front of them.

And in the event your competitors start dropping out of the PPC game or showing signs they are reducing their bidding expenses, take advantage of that situation right away.

The fact that your business is thriving means you know very well that your audience is buying. If your competitors think they aren’t (which is probably why they’re dropping out), then you have every opportunity to capitalize on their mistaken belief and have the rewards all to yourself.

Truth be told, the COVID-19 situation we find ourselves in is something new. No government institution or business organization can ever really claim to have prepared any sort of blueprint for it.

The best thing we all can do now is to be more flexible in our strategies whenever new information comes up. If we learn something new that impacts PPC campaigns in any way, we must be prepared to make adjustments wherever necessary.

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Gabby Klesser is the Outreach Manager for LA Website Design, a digital marketing agency that has assembled a team of expert web designers and digital marketing strategists. She often writes about web design, UX, social media, technology, marketing, and starting a non-profit.

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